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Things will get friskier, but for now they seem to be enjoying it.
The villagers are even friskier than usual this week, with almost everyone locking lips.
A series of stories on sex and love exposes the intimate side of Chicago--and finds the city far friskier than the staid Midwestern stereotype suggests.
After a couple of thousand miles the engine and gearbox have loosened up a bit and it feels friskier than it did when brand new.
SPRING must have sprung in New York, because Kristina is even friskier than usual.
And Mrs P just loves it too, apparently I'm friskier than George Clooney when he finally gets into that Martini party, allegedly.
In his younger and friskier days he used to be crazy about women like Anna Gramsci, those good-time gals who love to be teased by a teaser or punished with a pun, and who get pally with a palindrome or enjoy a feisty wrestle with a rebus.
They tend to notice the noisier ones, the friskier ones, the smaller ones.
Audiences have certainly seen sunnier and friskier stagings of Moliere, but this is a gloomier play updated to a decidedly gloomier era.
PUPPY LOVE: Les looks friskier as he walks with Leoni; DOGGED: With Amanda; FAMILY FORTUNE: Les kisses Leoni
McKenzie observed in an article on the uses of bibliography that "what we much too readily call 'the book' is a friskier and therefore more elusive animal than the words 'physical object' will allow.