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Fishing and hunting may be more successful, and livestock, children and other family members may be slightly friskier with the moon overhead.
We'll see if spring brings a friskier breed of squirrel and how one might "MacGyver" its way across the obstacles to the promised land of free bird seed.
34) Augustine seems not to consider the possibility that each partner may be immoderate in turn, but rather he assumes one partner to be consistently friskier than the other.
I even notice a change in my dogs when they get their summer cuts: they're friskier and livelier," People magazine quoted her as saying.
Yes, it's a schlep, but Jean-Francois Pellet, winemaker at renowned Pepper Bridge (and its younger, friskier sister, Amavi), turns this to advantage: Our tourists are serious.
That the murals hark back to the friskier days of the Upper West Side seems to have been completely eclipsed.
But since Jane Forkings-Russell took it over five years ago, the ghosts appear to have got even friskier.
Giant tortoises are still nesting and laying eggs, Galapagos penguins are friskier than usual while hammerhead sharks school in greater numbers.
Things will get friskier, but for now they seem to be enjoying it.
The villagers are even friskier than usual this week, with almost everyone locking lips.
After a couple of thousand miles the engine and gearbox have loosened up a bit and it feels friskier than it did when brand new.