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Of minimal importance; legally worthless.

A frivolous suit is one without any legal merit. In some cases, such an action might be brought in bad faith for the purpose of harrassing the defendant. In such a case, the individual bringing the frivolous suit might be liable for damages for Malicious Prosecution.

A frivolous appeal is one that is completely lacking merit, since no review able question has been raised therein.


adj. referring to a legal move in a lawsuit clearly intended merely to harass, delay, or embarrass the opposition. Frivolous acts can include filing the lawsuit itself, a baseless motion for a legal ruling, an answer of a defendant to a complaint which does not deny, contest, prove, or controvert anything, or an appeal which contains not a single arguable basis (by any stretch of the imagination) for the appeal. A frivolous lawsuit, motion or appeal can result in a successful claim by the other party for payment by the frivolous suer of their attorneys fees for defending the case. Judges are reluctant to find an action frivolous, based on the desire not to discourage people from using the courts to resolve disputes.


adjective childish, flighty, flimsy, flippant, giddy, immaterial, inanis, insignificant, levis, light, meaningless, minor, nugax, of little weight, of no account, paltry, petty, senseless, shallow, silly, slight, trifling, trivial, unimportant, unserious, unworthy of serious notice, worthless
Associated concepts: frivolous answer, frivolous appeal, frivvlous cause of action, frivolous claims, frivolous pleading
See also: capricious, inconsequential, irresolute, irresponsible, jocular, nonessential, nugatory, petty, superficial, trivial, undependable, untrustworthy
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While the pretty boys of V might not be eye candy for everyone, their music will appeal to those who like the frivolity of pop performed by people who love to jump about in colourful outfits.
Although Les Presages (1933) and Balanchine's Serenade (1934) make more use of the classical vocabulary than had become the custom, Massine's work with its figures of Fate, Frivolity, and Hero has none of the pristine neoclassicism of the Balanchine.
discourse claimed that the topic of sexual rights was an eccentricity of rich countries, a frivolity that wasted time that should be spent on other, more important issues affecting poor countries.
Jesuit moralists questioned the frivolity of professional theater, and early Jesuit educators lamented school plays as distractions from the curriculum and just too much work.
For a man who fought in the "chiffon trenches" of fashion for more than three decades, he can still step back enough to acknowledge the frivolity of fashion, and yet he is also acutely aware of, and fiercely defends, the importance of the pleasure that beautiful clothing and beautiful things in general can bring into our lives.
A chapter on "National Character and the Republican Imagination" also establishes a clear link between old regime stereotypes of French frivolity and effeminacy and the later republican zeal for inculcating virtue and regenerating French morals.
To counteract any hard-core sex within it, there's a huge sense of humor and a huge sense of fun and frivolity and joy of life.
agreed with Hyde and said, "I detect of touch of frivolity and mischief" in Paul's amendment.
Touchstone Theatre's Christmas City Follies, originally created in 1995, takes off on both of these identity claims in a joyous collection of frivolity (such as a shopping cart ballet scored set to Nutcracker Suite) and scrappy poignancy (a homeless man relays the nativity tale with props pulled from his cart).
Frankly, this rises to the level of frivolity and fiction of political correctness," he said, "It's a waste of time and tax money.
THE Laser Boy is back for a night of fun, frivolity and nonsense.
However, in the midst of this frivolity, all I could really think about was the Freakzone, an event that was mentioned in the media and House of Commons with bile and derision--as if the fact that the film played there and actually won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film was some sort of dubious distinction.