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The body measures just 3,600mm from stem to stern and 1,600mm in width, so parking it shouldn't present too much of a difficulty.
It measures 4,280mm from stem to stern and is 1,645mm high.
At less than one year of age, this impressive ship still had that new car smell and was squeaky clean from stem to stern.
Tension can be felt from stem to stern in a highseas stand-off from United 93's brilliant Brit director Paul Greengrass.
Run your fingers over the dog's coat from stem to stern, paying particular attention to the armpits and ears.
By figuring out if it's covered with kernels from stem to stern, a fact you can ascertain by feeling it from the outside.
ARs have been covered from stem to stern and everywhere in between, except teaching a new shooter to keep them clean.
The design has been developed from stem to stern to be a dedicated DP-2 capable Dive Support Vessel, featuring fully integrated ROV launch and recovery, dive compressors and decompression chamber.
Paul offers the PTK-4 in various grades, from a basic model with bead-blasted finish, to a more upscale version with polish on the metal and Micarta from stem to stern.
I remember the fire chief calling me that day and saying the ship was alight from stem to stern.
Waves were breaking right over her from stem to stern.