from the river

See: fluvial
References in classic literature ?
We tramped away from the river for upwards of an hour before discovering anything, and then only a small red deer, which Taylor brought down with a neat shot of two hundred yards.
Also, from the river, came a great grunting of rhinoceroses.
Like us, they carried water in gourds from the river.
The light from the river was no longer visible, but ahead I saw the faint tinge of a distant radiance, and still the water before me was open.
Our jar was empty, and it was a case of going without our tea or taking water from the river.
As a result, Syria, the middle riparian on the Euphrates, bases its strongest claims on the principle of equity, for not only does it need water from the river for a major portion of its irrigated agriculture, but also faces severe domestic water shorta ges.
There were generations where people were told to stay away from the river,'' said Lewis MacAdams, a Los Angeles writer who founded Friends of the Los Angeles River in the mid-1980s.
From the river, boaters can see the legacy of that ill-fated mining venture, a tram tower high on the south rim and the severed tram wires, which rest against the walls of the canyon.
Los Angeles drew much of its water from the river before the city's aqueduct was completed and brought water from the Sierra Nevada beginning in 1913.
We've helped lead this project with two goals in mind: removing trash from the rivers here and raising awareness about the importance of cleaning and restoring rivers nationwide," said Jarvis.
Our fellow sponsors and the local volunteers get involved not only to help remove tons of trash from the rivers but also to raise awareness about the importance of restoring rivers nationwide.