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Front man Chris Martin opened the show with a "Abu Dhabi are you there?
If you have to poke the front man to say do something, forget about it.
Front man Simon gave it his all during anthems like Who's Got A Match
However, Black Cats' manager Steve Bruce and Chairman Niall Quinn have stressed their interest in keeping their front man.
Former Culture Club front man Boy George is now a successful what?
95) is told through recollections of those closest to Clark, the founding member and front man of the Byrds.
BEING AVERAGE ISN'T NECESSARILY the worst thing," smirks Peter Quirk, front man for Seattle's Hint Hint.
Mark Rey, a former timber industry lobbyist and now an undersecretary in the Department of Agriculture, is the administration's front man on this issue.
All government should do, other than fight the evil ones, is be a front man for Bush's favorite human being, the entrepreneur.
It went down the tubes when critics successfully argued that Washington was merely a front man for the white-owned operations because he had put up the smallest portion of the money.
Performers lip-synched to the words of front man Casey Spooner, who levels any remains of the fourth wall with his feigned unpreparedness, like wondering aloud which song is next.