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During a turn, modulation of ankle impedance in the sagittal and frontal planes plays a major role in controlling lateral and propulsive ground reaction forces in order to accelerate the body's center of mass along the gait path; thus, during a turning step, lateral and propulsive impulses are larger than during a straight step [17].
Calculus of inclination using acceleration measured in frontal plane.
To determine the visual angle of each eye, sections from the frontal plane were used.
Average patterns of compressive knee joint reaction force (Figure 1), frontal plane knee moment (internal adductor/abductor) (Figure 2), and sagittal plane knee moment (internal extensor/flexor) (Figure 3) in each group are presented for the entire gait cycle.
It is evaluated by determining the axis between the anterior and posterior commissures as compared with the frontal plane, but it is relatively difficult to measure in a reproducible manner.
basal operations is turning machining of complex profiles in terms of shape, frontal planes, external and internal diameters, threading internal and external threads (cylindrical and conical).
The primary outcome measure was PAS in the sagittal and frontal planes, evaluated at baseline, midpoint (3 wk), and termination (discharge), employing methods described elsewhere [19].