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The process takes around four minutes before an image is presented on the froth, ready to be photographed and sent to all points via social media before drinking, and costs around 5.
Line-measure glasses, with all the froth above the line, guarantee a proper pint, but you hardly see them nowadays.
Spoon the milk froth onto the top of the coffee; garnish and/or sweeten.
In Froth, an English translation of the Polish by Piotr Florczyk, readers can witness the intimate absurdities of Mikolajewski's life: his wife's spine, his daughters' playtime rituals, his father's casket built from cardboard, or the yellow froth that lurks after he showers.
Froth flotation is a surface chemistry-based process for separation of fine solids that takes advantage of the difference in wettability between the separated particles.
The focus of the present paper is the recovery of PET from plastic packaging waste using froth flotation.
A: Cuckoo spit is the name given to froth produced by insects known as froghoppers.
A white froth, pop a spoonful into the mouth and it disappears.
This is the chemistry of ice, the stitchwork, the embroidery, the froth and the flummery.
bubbly liquid) and froth phases, and the colloidal interactions between particles and bubbles.
QTHE shoots on most of my herbaceous plants are covered in froth.
Commemorating that anniversary, this book/CD-ROM package details the current state of research and practice in mineral froth flotation.