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While readings above 50 still denote expansion in the manufacturing sector, analysts had expected a frothier figure, of 61.
All in all, this new series is even frothier than the first and turning out to be a real guilty pleasure.
But Marston put on an even frothier head, up 21p to 306p.
But it's even more effective because the gas shoots downwards, creating a much frothier head.
It's tough to blend a story that deals with alcoholism with a style that tries to be a lighter, frothier version of Trainspotting, but Hewitt (as director) just about manages to carry it off.
Speaking of his garden he said the blossom was 'whiter, frothier and more blossomier' than he'd ever known.
Over Christmas I was offered other stage roles which were much frothier and more in line with what people would expect of me.
They've changed the recipe and the taste and given their brew a frothier head.
But the politicians, the frothier clergy, the slick prophets of profit and the media, wanted us to believe everything would change when we entered this ``new millennium''.
the Olympic motto specifies faster, higher, stronger; not a word about chintzy-wintzier, twirly-whirlier, frothier.
Comparable to Fiona Walker, Darke's first farce - sorry - novel, is frothier than a well-whipped cappuccino.
The Snake releases a gentle rush of nitrogen from the top of the can to give a frothier, smoother beer.