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If smiling can intensify feelings of pleasure and happiness and if frowning can amplify feelings of pain or sadness, we are clued into two simple ways of consciously acting to improve our emotional experience: smile more and frown less.
DISCUSSION: This study was done to evaluate the various aspects of manual small incision cataract surgery with reference to various types (8) of incision (Straight, Frown and Modified chevron)
It is hypothesized that the deliberate adoption of a smile increases the ratings of positive affect and lowers perceived exertion, whereas the deliberate adoption of a frown increases the ratings of negative affect and increases perceived exertion.
Gail's advice for anyone who doesn't like the idea of their computer sapping their looks is to try not to frown while looking at the screen and to take breaks.
Havas hypothesizes that Botox-induced paralysis of the frown muscle, which runs across the forehead and pulls the eyebrows inward and down, may gradually weaken brain circuits that coordinate negative emotions.
To test how blocking a frown might affect comprehension of language related to emotions, researchers at the University of Wisconsin--Madison asked patients of cosmetic surgery to read written statements that were angry or happy.
And when they discover a fish with a giant frown on his face, they try all sorts of ways to cheer him up.
SuBo was in a good mood and posed happily for photos with fans, although she hammed it up by putting on a frown for the cameras.
Summary: And here I thought my Botoxed friends were happy, mellow, and sweet-tempered because a couple of injections of a neurotoxin had eliminated their frown lines, knocked years off their apparent age, and made them no longer look otired and unapproachable,o as the companyAEs website cheerfully puts it.
Alaiah is a tourist in Amman who says that though Jordanians are commonly nice and very hospitable they tend to frown in many cases and places, Aonot neutral, just very rigidly glaringAo.
Previous studies have suggested the use of BTX as therapy for the reduction of hyperactive facial lines after its successful use for blepharospasm [3,4], Our purpose was to evaluate, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the efficacy of BTX in reducing glabellar frown lines.
CHANGES come into our life We see them every day The sun may shine, the rain may fall True, but come what may One day we're up, next day we're down We wear a smile, and then a frown We feel so happy, then so sad We wonder why, we feel so bad But further on along the road There's someone else with a heavier load So lift your burdens let them fall Upon the one who takes them all Then each new day, you're sure to find The changes are all in our mind