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The prince turned round to the overseer and fixed his eyes on him, frowning.
Frowning with a double amount of intention, if not of corrugation, he (carefully) drew the sword from its sheath, and pointed it at Maggie.
It is thought that the effect of the botulinum toxin A in preventing people from frowning actually makes them happier.
Home Office officials agreed that a ban on photographs of children aged five and under smiling, frowning or with their mouths open was unreasonable.
To one frowning, heart-shaped character's statement, "nothing can be as lonely as you," a dejected blob-head responds, "I will lose two friends today then.
Today we have facial contouring, ultra sound techniques and even a special toxin to stop you frowning.
It takes just 30 milliseconds (thousandths of a second) for your brain to recognise and respond to others' emotional expressions, such as smiling or frowning.
Total quantity or scope: Lot # 1 blackout curtains 8300, frowning Sheers 5200 450 Sheers tight, PVC Rods 4000, Rods rail 400, aluminum rods 100 50 Venetian Blinds, Blinds vertical blades 50.
London, July 25 ( ANI ): Japanese researchers have developed a system, which is capable of manipulating your emotions and personal preferences by presenting you with an image of your own smiling or frowning face.
The proposition of the dimensional version that smiling can increase a positive affective state, whereas frowning can increase a negative affective state is commonly supported (for reviews, see Adelmann & Zajonc, 1989; Izard, 1990; Laird, 1984; Manstead, 1988; McIntosh, 1996; Winton, 1986).
The snaps show Hitler frowning angrily, pointing, raising a fist, opening his palms as if imploring a crowd to stand up.
Who have a picture taken outside a library (in case we're struggling to imagine what one looks like), frowning.