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To be frugal is not just looking at the price tag, but it is looking at the overall value of the experience, service or product that you're buying.
Jugaad has become institutionalized as "frugal innovation," most notably by Radjou and Prabhu in Frugal Innovation.
Because of Sonnenberg's business savvy and his ability to forecast how future changes will impact his business, he's managed to stay a step ahead of the competition and maintain Frugal MacDoogal's position as a top beverage retail destination.
It's an impressively clean and frugal thing too - or at least it is if you pay extra for the ecoFLEX variant with its engine stop/start system.
So this November, we are choosing to go right back to the very basics of frugal living, with the savings we make this month being used to pay for our festivities next month.
Now in an updated second edition, The Frugal Editor is part of the "How To Do It Frugally" series for writers and publishers, and an absolute "must-have" for virtually all aspiring and practicing authors in these tough economic times.
Contract notice: Study on frugal innovation and re-engineering of traditional techniques.
Summary: An inspiring book grounded in reality with case studies of companies that have been successful in building a frugal innovation engine.
com)-- Frugal living and budgeting have never been synonymous with fun.
The 2008 financial crisis demonstrates that low interest rates encourage borrowing cheap money and irresponsible spending, fooling frugal savers.
The actor's grandparents, who brought him up in Glasgow's Drumchapel area, taught him the importance of being frugal.