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Because as Harper carefully explained, whatever the Harper Government[TM] decides to do--be it with defence, health, education, or dog grooming--it will do it frugally.
He lives frugally, so it would really be good if the two of us could find the root cause and fix it.
The new department is in line with the larger vision for the town to leverage current resources, use public funds frugally and its smaller employees more effectively.
She lives frugally, eating mainly cheap vegetables, doesn't smoke or drink and has had just one holiday in 20 years.
Percentage who would stay in home and live frugally.
Conserving energy and cutting bills isn't something that you need to spend money on to achieve, all it involves is thinking frugally.
We, at Casmir Group, look forward to commercialising this scalable and frugally developed technology to have the maximum possible impact.
Elaine, from Cupar, Fife, decided to not only live frugally and save the pennies but also went out and learned a range of new skills so she didn't have to spend so much.
Chairman CDA has requested the citizen of Islamabad to use the water frugally to avoid its wastage.
I'd been warned Fleet Street was expensive so we'd chosen as frugally as possible from the menu, which does offer steaks for PS22, mixed grills for PS19 and pea risottos for PS12.
Diagram Prize overseer Horace Bent said it was no coincidence "in these austere times that a book aimed to assist members of the public frugally farming their own produce proved the most popular title".
And while these advanced petrol-powered models can cruise frugally along, they can draw on 140PS of punch when required.