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The dilemma seems a throwback to a time when the world consisted of a monochrome three-channel world of TV, in which a coughing relative or mewling child would leave everyone in the living room frustratedly bellowing "WHAT did he say?
Downie's Gertrude was effortlessly polished in public, it was only in private moments that Gertrude let the strain of events break her composure, as when she interrupted her agitated chain smoking to frustratedly remove her hair extensions in preparation for scolding her son.
Some people in Cape Town still frustratedly scream eCyOh Percy
Going into the race, Britain stood a slim chance of depriving the Kiwi entry of second position in the end-of-season nations' standings, but a tardy getaway left him sitting frustratedly in rival Nico Hulkenberg's wheeltracks race-long, and allowed New Zealand to hang on to the runner-up spot by the narrowest margin of a single point.
I have seen how other people frustratedly run after success - how they do everything for attention.
In many ways the book captures the Zeitgeist of the pre-democratic period and the frustratedly plangent intimacy of its depiction of the travails of the downtrodden protagonist and her tortured attempts at survival elicit a sympathetic identification experienced collectively by a nation whose existence was similarly compromised so savagely by the exclusive uniformity of Franco's Spain.
Boro boss Steve McClaren could only watch frustratedly as his Arsenal jinx continued - this was Boro's eighth successive league defeat against the Gunners.
He swerves into a platonic romantic comedy by having an angry Flor and a disillusioned John develop feelings for one another as each attempts to deal with the fall out from Deborah's frustratedly desperate bull in a china shop behaviour.
Adaptation (written by Charlie and Donald Kaufman (4)) begins as an ironic narrative about a hyper-refined screenwriter named Charlie Kaufman frustratedly trying to figure out how to adapt a brilliantly written but totally uncinematic book (The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean).
Odoul appears as the troupe's neurotic producer, supplying some mild amusement in scenes where he frustratedly tries to bring focus to rehearsals.
But nearly 20 minutes later--as I still waited frustratedly to pay for my merchandise--I realized that price alone does not win a war.
About 2 hours into the ordeal I frustratedly looked back at the deer, wondering if he was exacting some sort of revenge on me.