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Tape drives: Although tape remains one of the least expensive storage mediums--costing as little as a tenth of a cent per megabyte of stored data--it's frustratingly slow compared with hard disks or floppies.
With an average of eight customers per fault, progress will be frustratingly slow.
Sadly the quality of illustrations is equally varied and several are frustratingly small and too grainy to read easily.
In both choreographers' works, the urgency and passion of the dance images were seductive and the visual spectacle captivating, yet meanings remained frustratingly elusive.
This is chiefly because the sources for masque music are widely scattered and frustratingly incomplete.
Consequently, the laboratory yielded frustratingly little aid to diagnosis and therapy for much of the first half of the century.
Full credit for giving out half-time scores from all four divisions which should be standard everywhere, but is frustratingly not.
They wait frustratingly day in and day out for their loved ones to return safely from Iraq and Afghanistan.
THE VERDICT Some delightfully funny moments but frustratingly there is just too much going on - from Carell being briefed on how to be a player through to Emma Stone grudgingly being romanced by Gosling.
The last few hours had been tough on all the competitors, with seas frustratingly calm as they inched their way towards the finish line.
Frustratingly, malaria literally has him on his last legs, and rather than being a proactive presence he becomes a symbol of passive - very passive - resistance.
Another draw, the odds on which are available at 9/4 with Betdirect, would not be a bad result, merely indicative of City's frustratingly inconsistent season.