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He seems to lean toward the pro-choice side, but he is frustratingly indirect, stating only that "the social experiment with physician-assisted suicide in Oregon has been conducted thoughtfully and with careful oversight" and that he supports the state's rights against the attempted interventions of Attorneys General John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales.
Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City has delivered a frustratingly inconclusive report that raises more questions than it answers.
From robotic morning exercises to extravagant ceremonies during meetings, Murtagh recalls both the harmlessly bizarre and the frustratingly petty with the same wry smile.
Throughout the course of eight solo albums, Amos has intimately explored topics both tragic (rape, religious hypocrisy, miscarriages) and triumphant (survival, self-discovery, sexual empowerment), often using a cryptic lyrical code that can be frustratingly difficult to crack--"Wrap yourself around the tree of life and the dance of the infinity of the hive," anyone?
For Lane County Juvenile Court Judge Kip Leonard, it's a frustratingly familiar scenario.
Regardless, ``Don Carlo'' is one of Verdi's greatest achievements, even though it remains frustratingly rare in performance, at least locally; until last Sunday, it hadn't been seen at the Los Angeles Opera in 16 years.
But Violette exploits the tendency purely for its doomy glamour, conjuring visually seductive tableaux that leave the psychological implications of their inspiration frustratingly unexplored.
For some people, the complicated equations and mathematical symbols behind probability, statistics, and chaos theory seem frustratingly abstract or downright boring.
It calls us to the summer sense that days matter--even the long and lazy days of summer, or even the heated stay-where-it's-cool days of summer, or even the frenzied holiday days of summer, or even the frustratingly routine days of summer when all the world seems on vacation and you, you alone remain behind to carry on.
The contest is kind of a blur, but this is what I remember: Marty Jimenez tossing backside ollies in the square; Don Hamilton's Miller flips in the round; Mad Dog getting frustratingly in the way only to come up on backside Smiths in the corner; Jim Jam cruising with an ear-to-ear grin; Cooksie attacking with his usual reckless abandon; Dressen styled; and then there was the mess, Jesse Martinez, the menace from Venice, hucking chest high methods in the square, forging Andrechts in the round, and generally just ripping.
Driving west along the A48, all directions at the Culverhouse Cross Roundabout towards St Fagans, become ambiguous and I found myself frustratingly, driving back to Cardiff, on a false trail along the M4.
It is a choice that is difficult, and even more frustratingly so when yet another example comes from the ranks of girls who reaffirm stereotypes instead of working against them.