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Relentlessly creating Zzzz-listers, who appear to be media-created talentless celebrities, in order to survive through ratings courtesy of fuddled telly addicts and feeding off pay-per-vote frenzied and dumbed down audiences.
Even though what he feels is a love that is somehow, in Parker's fuddled understanding, mixed up with a turn toward God, it is presented as human love first and ultimately.
Now, whether these gin and beer harpooneers, so fuddled as one might fancy them to have been, were the right sort of men to stand up in a boat's head, and take good aim at flying whales; this would seem somewhat improbable.
Unfortunately, en route he meets so many characters from the past and present that it is easy to become fuddled.
However, since the late 1990s, a mixture of marketing ploys and genuine technological advance and innovation have fuddled the lines and the average buyer of new and modern used cars can be left confused by the seeming variety of gearbox options.
Friend Unferth, fuddled with beer you've been babbling away about Breca's deeds [.
Only a fuddled Tory could come up with such a proposal.
I was so tired and fuddled, I'm fairly sure the camera was in the freezer next to the hairdryer and the house keys.
Modigliani's one nude drawing of her, inscribed 'Beatrice', exposes her as drowsy and fuddled, either dropping her nightdress low or else pulling it up to step into it.
I think it might have been after Jeremy executed a spectacular quadruple somersault down the grand staircase of a hotel in Park Lane, landing in a fuddled heap at the feet of an important client.
Perhaps the last thing you need when you've arrived there, brain fuddled with jetlag, is a conversation with Damon Albarn in full manic flow.
It features some still in use, such as oiled, soaked, buzzed, stewed, boozy, fuddled, intoxicated, tipsy, and cockeyed.