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Shoney's famous Hot Fudge Cake has been a brand staple since 1947 and has played a key role in the brand's recent resurgence.
Drizzle the melted chocolate over the top of the cake and top with banana and fudge pieces.
The Maxi has proved the ideal solution and indeed stands alone in terms of its capabilities for handling our Drinking Fudge.
What's more, their famously entertaining staff will be regularly demonstrating traditional fudge making on the marble counters.
He filmed the scene where Fudge is spotted running away from the water separately from his own piece and used a special design effect to blank out his wife Julie pouring the water over him.
Caption: (L to R) University of Guelph researchers Atsuko Negishi, Tim Winegard and Douglas Fudge find hagfish biomimetics studies a slimy business.
Wolfer made her first batch of fudge when she was 13.
Ms Bunton has also developed a range of special Drinking Fudge, along similar lines to its successful Chocoshots.
DAY THREE: Fudge hits the beach and I'm finally brave enough to let her off the lead.
Fudge will join the portfolio of brands within PZ Cussons Beauty, which currently comprises St.
Fudge, an Australian businessman who has made a fortune from the energy industry, was at Deauville yesterday but kept a low profile by remaining largely in a private room.
There was another fudge at the weekend, with the latest Greek austerity plan to secure more European aid.