fugitive from the law

See: outlaw
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The coconut vendor who earned the sympathy of netizens after he was mauled last week by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) personnel has turned out to be a longtime fugitive from the law.
And there was the issue of the role played by the AGF in the rehabilitation, reinstatement and promotion of a civil servant and a fugitive from the law who was under EFCC investigation for corruption without the inputs of the investigator.
NAB's special prosecutor Imran Shafique Advocate in the reply stated that a proclaimed offender, absconder or fugitive from the law cannot be heard unless he surrendered to the court of law.
Assange is a fugitive from the law, hiding in an embassy, who has a history of undermining American interests," Graham said.
Al-Dosari was described only as a fugitive from the law.
The main suspect in the fraud, Juan Carlos Monzon, an aide to the vice president, is now a fugitive from the law.
Two years ago, Aaron fled the village as a fugitive from the law after taking an arson rap for Adam Thomas, who almost killed Cain Dingle in a fire COUPLE: Danny he started at the garage.
Technically, he was a fugitive from the law his entire life.
FIA sources said that at the next hearing the prosecutor could request the court to frame charges against the former military ruler or declare him a fugitive from the law.
Now he is a fugitive from the law, having fled after being told he would be going back to prison for breaching the terms of his licence.
He becomes a fugitive from the law after he violates his parole.
Ricky gets engaged to Sam, again, while the fugitive from the law dances on a pub table.

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