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If he is not fulfilling his commitments, which is on record, he has no right to remain as a member of the provincial assembly and fails to fulfil the criteria laid down in Article 62 and 63 of the Constitution,' read the petition filed by the PHCBA.
After finding out about Mohammad's dream, the Make A Wish Foundation stepped in and coordinated with the police department to fulfil his wish.
THE over 50s are struggling to fulfil their lifelong dreams because they are tied down by financial constraints, a study revealed.
The agency said that the operators would have until 1 December 2004 to fulfil the requirements or they might be fined under the Swedish communications law.
Yet how many marriages go adrift because one partner thinks the other partner can totally fulfil them?
Brand and reputation must ensure that the actual experiences stakeholders have with an organisation are positive, and more important, that they fulfil the promises made in stage one.