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As per ECP's rules and regulations, only those political parties that fulfill ECP's criteria, rules and regulations can only take part in upcoming general elections.
The PSO while fulfilling its national duties has strived to fulfill the extra demand on Eid, especially in the northern region where the demand increase manifold.
These deals conclude the commercial advancement of the Fulfill brand, a portfolio of high-filler technologies that provides paper makers a numerous of efficient, flexible solutions that lessen dependency on natural fiber and minimizes expenses.
Congress has tried to fulfill the wish of Delhi people otherwise neither BJP nor Congress were in a mood to form the government," said Afzal.
and more than a prophet" (Lk 7:26-27) because John fulfills the role from Malachi (3:1) of God's messenger preparing the Messiah's way.
In order to meet these expectations, the treasury department is evolving to fulfill the need for a more centralized operation, allowing for access to information in real time.
Ability to Fulfill Logistics Plans, Capture of Deviations from Plan
Cascades forecasts that this green energy will fulfill 75 percent of its thermal power requirements.
The MSL took the ABA to court more than once after they withdrew their accreditation, accusing the ABA of antitrust violations and anti-competitive tactics, arguing that the MSL attempted to fulfill as many ABA requirements as it could, but the demanding costs of fulfilling them all would have resulted in a tuition spike that would price their courses out of the reach of the very community they were trying to serve.
Candidates who successfully complete the ABV exam have up to 24 months to fulfill the life-long learning and experience requirements needed to be granted the credential.
The taxpayer argued the trustees had needed the investment advice to fulfill their obligation to the beneficiaries.
On the plus side, Holland does decide to give up trying to fulfill her demanding mother's wishes and to pursue her own interest in art and design.