full array

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When he was in full array he sprang forward as monstrous Mars when he takes part among men whom Jove has set fighting with one another--even so did huge Ajax, bulwark of the Achaeans, spring forward with a grim smile on his face as he brandished his long spear and strode onward.
Arthur Gride had enrobed himself in his marriage garments of bottle- green, a full hour before Mrs Sliderskew, shaking off her more heavy slumbers, knocked at his chamber door; and he had hobbled downstairs in full array and smacked his lips over a scanty taste of his favourite cordial, ere that delicate piece of antiquity enlightened the kitchen with her presence.
But as she informs her physician in her disjointed manner on coming down in full array that General George, whom she often calls upon, knows her dear Fitz Jarndyce and takes a great interest in all connected with her, Allan is induced to think that they may be in the right way.
National Bank offers a full array of banking services, including retail, corporate and investment banking.
BNP Paribas provides a full array of financial products through a portfolio of brands that cover a variety of distribution channels.
This new offering brings a full array of algorithmic trading capabilities to DEx and can be easily deployed on clients' desktops without any hardware installation.
Gina Jordan will manage the Colony Place financial center and lead a team of personal banking professionals who will provide full service banking for individuals, investment services and a full array of deposit and loan services for small businesses.
Through the joint agreement, clinical trial sponsors now have access to a full array of esoteric and "safety" laboratory testing services and long-term storage of biomaterial samples.
The company is also said to be unique in maintaining, under one roof, a full array of complementary services, including rubber compound testing and development, custom mixing, design and machining of dies and molds, custom molding and cryogenic deflashing.
Cushman & Wakefield's brand name, its national and global reach and its full array of services make it the preeminent real estate services provider in the world today," said Phil Scherer, president, Commercial Kentucky.
The product comes standard with a LAN Port Replicator, which features Ethernet connectivity and a full array of ports.
Under the contract, MultimaxArray FirstSource will provide DHS with the ability to purchase a full array of IT products (hardware and software) and associated services.