full assurance

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The summer morn had dawned upon them ere they could travel in full assurance that they held the right path.
He reiterated that all the players, national or international, would be provided full security and in this connection the International Cricket Council has been given full assurance at the start of PSL-III in Dubai.
With full assurance, I'm happy to inform the general public that my era as the Aare Ona Kakanfo is a period of peace and not war.
Talking to Pakistan Today, YDA Pakistan General Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi, who was present in the courtroom during the hearing, said that he gave full assurance to the CJP of not holding protests.
ISLAMABAD -- Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Monday thanked Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar for giving full assurance on behalf the government to address his all concerns for the supremacy of parliament.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Senate, Raza Rabbani Monday thanked the Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar for giving full assurance from the government side in addressing his all concerns for supremacy of the Parliament.
In September 2016 testimony to the Senate Health committee, AdvaMed stated: "Under CLIA oversight alone, clinicians and patients do not have full assurance that LDTs, including companion diagnostics that are essential for safe and effective use of a drug, have been properly validated for their intended use, and therefore potentially face a higher risk of inappropriate diagnosis leading to unnecessary treatments, treatment delay, or failure to obtain appropriate treatment.
Marie Stopes chief executive Simon Cooke said: "We're working urgently with the CQC on these areas and intend to regain full assurance within a few days.
Atul Jain, COO - Smart Electronic Business, LeEco India, said, "We are extremely pleased to extend our successful partnership with Flipkart and are confident of jointly offering consumers an even better purchase experience backed by the full assurance of a genuine high quality product with warranty support in India.
The elation and thrill that held the atmosphere during the album signing allows for the promise of a successful concert awaiting the fans for the upcoming weekend, leaving full assurance and guarantee that 'Andalusia of Love' will be another Marcel Khalife success with adoring fans.
But I always got full assurance each time I come to you.
It is in this context, that the Iran nuclear accord--if it goes smoothly through the treacherous spin of the US Congressand their conservative counterparts in Iran, will be the crowing achievement of this Obama Doctrine, the articulation of a new mode of "smart power" that seeks to manipulate the existing propensities of power politics in the region without overcommitting US military force on the ground, with the full assurance that the threat of power is far more effective that the delivery of power.