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RAY: When the fan is set on full blast, there's no resistor involved.
And one method many Soldiers use to beat the cold is sticking the hose of the NBC/M3 heater inside their uniforms and turning the heater up to full blast.
On July 19, the city broke its nearly two-year-old record for electric usage as air conditioners and fans went full blast against what felt like triple-digit temperatures.
Dubai: Motorists who play music at full blast while driving in residential areas will have their vehicles permanently confiscated, Dubai's Police Chief said on Tuesday.
Here we are almost at the end of March and I'm still in my heavy coat, the heating continues to be on full blast and Diane Oxberry's dire weather warnings show no sign of abating.
I had forgotten totally of the impending festival of retailers delight, until I wandered into a Huddersfield town centre store and got the full blast of Bing Crosby''s seasonal goodwill.
Olive saved the lives of his fellow soldiers by throwing himself on top of the grenade, his body absorbing its full blast.
One resident said: "The worst problem we had was the travellers putting the radio on at full blast for five minutes and turning it off.
After the world first saw increasing flows from Reliance in the summer of 2008, with the start of its new 580,000 barrel per day (bpd) plant, this year will see the full blast of exports of high-value diesel and gasoline made from a diverse slate of the cheapest available crudes.
I rush inside my office put my heater on full blast, Sit down in my chair safe, warm and secure at last.
The 74-year-old star, whose voice was damaged 12 years ago aftersurgerytoremovenodules on her vocal cords, said she will not be singing at full blast.
Yet running a freezer at full blast wastes a huge amount of energy in the process.