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Key to this is our sustained investment in dental technology and we have recently installed new digital x - ray units in each treatment room as well as a digital full mouth x - ray machine.
It has a rich, full mouth feel that is sweet with a touch of bitterness.
A medium brush is best for the purpose of a full mouth cleaning.
Full mouth disinfection versus quadrant debridement: the clinician's choice.
This is a wine with a very singular aim, to deliver fruit with a full mouth feel.
Six years ago, a full mouth restoration would take eight visits, but with our techniques, we can restore a whole mouth in as little as two visits.
Fortunately, I often see another man, one I've never met, hair parted far over to the left, a deep-eyed brow, a broad, beaky nose, a small and rather full mouth and low cheekbones, lumpy and sad.
Which probably explains why I am so resentful of the fact that, just at a time when I have come to recognise the value of a full mouth anyone can just go out and buy one.
99: very toasty and yeast aromas; wonderful full mouth feel with very tiny bubbles and lasting flavors (Smith).