full of enthusiasm

See: eager
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They had had lunch together, and Aynesworth had taken a fancy to the boy--he was little more--fresh from Harvard and full of enthusiasm.
So clever, and energetic, and kind, and happy, it always does me good to see them," cried Polly, with a face full of enthusiasm.
She knew, she wrote, that her praise meant absolutely nothing; but still, she had sat up all night; she thought this, that, and the other; she was full of enthusiasm most elaborately scratched out in places, but enough was written plain to gratify William's vanity exceedingly.
Full of enthusiasm, in spite of his merely mechanical participation in the great idea, the lad of twenty would rewrite whole pages for a single blot, and made it his glory to touch up the writing, regarding it as the element of a noble undertaking.
The team is full of enthusiasm and we can't wait to show off our amazing food to our regulars and the new friends we are yet to meet - all in our fantastic new look site.
The road towards recognition looks long but the young players are full of enthusiasm and optimism that they will find their moment of glory soon.
There is a contingent of Channel Island competitors in a variety of cars, many of them being sand racers with up to seven litres of V8 American power and buckets full of enthusiasm.
They were full of enthusiasm and engaged with the process as much as they could, it is a particularly adult-led meeting and can be difficult to follow.
Clanton said, We're excited to bring Josh, full of enthusiasm and experience, to Easterwood Airport as Astin fulfills its mission to expand the airport.
We all know how good this team we're playing are, but we've come here full of enthusiasm and self-belief.
He added: "The lads are full of enthusiasm, which is great, and it's easy to coach when the players are like that.
The lads are great, and full of enthusiasm," said Wade.