full of life

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The Government House is very superior to that at Kingston, and the town is full of life and bustle.
Cynthia Murdoch was a fresh-looking young creature, full of life and vigour.
All was full of life, buoyant and rejoicing;--all but Haley's gang, who were stored, with other freight, on the lower deck, and who, somehow, did not seem to appreciate their various privileges, as they sat in a knot, talking to each other in low tones.
She is in gay spirits and full of life and cheerfulness.
The yard was full of life now: Marty was letting the screaming geese through the gate, and wickedly provoking the gander by hissing at him; the granary-door was groaning on its hinges as Alick shut it, after dealing out the corn; the horses were being led out to watering, amidst much barking of all the three dogs and many "whups" from Tim the ploughman, as if the heavy animals who held down their meek, intelligent heads, and lifted their shaggy feet so deliberately, were likely to rush wildly in every direction but the right.
When the moon shines very brilliantly, a solitude and stillness seem to proceed from her that influence even crowded places full of life.
On a thriving farm, such a yard as this is usually full of life and movement, but to-day it was silent and deserted.
He had been tortured all night and half a day, yet he could sit and talk like this the moment we cut him down; he had been within a minute of his death, yet he was as full of life as ever; ill-treated and defeated at the best, he could still smile through his blood as though the boot were on the other leg.
It was like a meeting in a side corridor of a mansion full of life.
But that stupid absorption in his own sentiments, which characterizes young and true love, had ruined him, as a child full of life sometimes kills itself out of ignorance.
Sasha was full of life, and I rivalled her, while Pokrovski paid me numerous attentions, and kept seeking an occasion to speak to me alone.
When they looked at the oaken chair they could scarcely realize the fact that the strange being who had so lately tenanted it, full of life and Herculean vigor, should already be a corpse.