full of meaning

References in classic literature ?
But at this point, Mr Dennis looked so very full of meaning, and gave such a singularly expressive twitch to his face as a request to her to come still nearer to him, that she abandoned these little arts, and gave him her whole and undivided attention.
When the candle-ends sent up their conical yellow flames, all the coloured figures from Austria stood out clear and full of meaning against the green boughs.
added Joe, with a shake of the head that was full of meaning, "and begun at A too, and worked his way to Z.
My book and my speeches show people how to break the shackles of a meaningless job, to leave behind selling their souls for money, and to live a life full of meaning and passion.
Indeed, one reviewer was moved to write: "Seth Lakeman has songs full of meaning and spirit, which he delivers with an energy and humour.
Still, yearning, predominantly acoustic troubadouring that's breathy, wistful, full of meaning and, er, somewhat drowsy-inducing.
Although violated by Giovanni, Julia Sporsen's Donna Anna shows a defiant strength of character, notably in her act two aria, its coloratura beautifully expressed and full of meaning.
The singer-songwriter from Wales who famously turned down a deal with an American major label in the 1970s to stay in his home country has remained a favourite down the years because of that remarkable vocal delivery - rough like an uncut diamond, brittle yet soulful and full of meaning.
As Celtic's defeat in Benfica also pitched the Scottish champions' qualification hopes back into the melting point, what seemed sure to effectively be a dead rubber between Britain's two best-supported sides is full of meaning.
The second, less well known and therefore not so "well-worn" quartet is played by the Wihan musicians with such passion and commitment that all the movements come across as just as communicative and full of meaning as the first quartet.
Instead, he simply states out the outset that murder struck him as a promising topic for study because it is an action that is "strongly intentional, highly motivated, full of meaning .
PACOIMA - The paper plate in Dolcinea Aguilar's tiny hands was full of meaning.