full of strength

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I only mean to say that for a young horse full of strength and spirits, who has been used to some large field or plain where he can fling up his head and toss up his tail and gallop away at full speed, then round and back again with a snort to his companions -- I say it is hard never to have a bit more liberty to do as you like.
Her limbs were indeed full of strength and agility, and, as her mind was no less animated with spirit, she was perfectly able to keep pace with her nimble lover.
She was quite easy on that head, and consequently full of strength and courage, till for a moment electrified by Mrs Croft's suddenly saying,--
And their children also have children,' said the old sailor; 'yes, those are our grand-children, full of strength and vigor.
Powerful figures full of strength, wisdom, and leadership, women were the keepers of the human race, from which all life flowed.
The Al Mina competition aims to continue our cultural traditions in the direction of seafaring and pearl diving, on which our ancestors depended for their livelihood, thus serving to connect these youngsters especially with the experiences of their forefathers, whose lives were full of strength and bravery, and from whose heritage we can continue to learn today as well as tomorrow," Hitmi explained, commenting on the objectives of Al Mina.
As the class parts ways for the last time we can be confident that the newest generation of nurses just gained 65 exceptional members who will take the skills and knowledge gained at CNM and go forward to be extraordinary RNs full of strength and compassion.
The character, Molly Dawes' characteristics, of sheer "bloody mindness" in the face of adversity was just amazing; full of strength, "a never say die attitude" to sexual discrimination and putdowns by her peers and even her superiors just shows what a superb actress Lacey Turner is - if this show and Lacey's portrayal of Molly Dawes, doesn't win a hatful of Baftas I would be amazed.
A new generation full of strength and hope is coming through.
The performance certainly showed what a solid side we have this season - full of strength in depth from top to bottom and give us a sign this season could be a good one.
We are looking at a Jesus, full of strength, beauty and health, who is no longer on the cross, floating free, the cross itself moving away from Him into the darkness.
I am full of strength and faith that I will recover what has been unjustly taken from me.