fully constituted

See: plenary
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Given four, they name a keeper of records, and the office is ready for work; five, they convene a general meeting, and the club is fully constituted.
Granted anonymity in the case, the petitioner "X" and his husband, who married in London, are seeking a landmark declaration that their marriage is fully constituted throughout the UK.
The Community Investment Advisory Board established by the RBA was fully constituted and has conducted a comprehensive needs assessment of local credit and banking needs.
Security shall be fully constituted at the time of payment of the advance.
We welcome Alan's broadminded vision in joining the GrowLife Board of Directors, as we welcome the wisdom of all of our now fully constituted Board of Directors to GrowLife.
The regiment was fully constituted on May 31, 1950.
Personally I think Goldman Sachs has chosen the latter for its Sukuk as its related-underlying assets is fully constituted of Murabaha.
Some schools struggle to fill vacancies, and some may never have had fully constituted governing bodies.
that the will is fully constituted and that the role of the
The jury panel will be fully constituted by late March and the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards are honoured to receive the support of Lynne Franks in the UK.
Or are citizens so fully constituted in their identities by the "common sense" of their community that the specter of neo-liberal governments generating deficits likely will produce only a discomfiting case of cognitive dissonance?

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