fully supplied

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The President of Kyrgyzstan promised that northern Kyrgyzstan would be fully supplied with coal from Kara-Keche coal field in Naryn oblast.
Having built our property for less than half the cost of the properties now opening allows us to concentrate on providing better customer service and maintain a lower cost structure than our competition who will be in Tunica when this market is fully supplied by casinos.
ATLANTA Group operates sales organizations in Austria, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as nearly all Eastern European countries, to ensure the population is fully supplied with a broad range of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Kyrgyzstan is fully supplied with 4 main categories of food products - grain, potato, vegetables, meat and diary products.
This Great Spa rejuvenation hotel is the newest 5 star hotel located in Bulgaria-Eastern Europe and it is fully supplied with mineral water.
Conoco had already made provisions to minimize the effect of the scheduled shutdown on its customers, and remains confident it can keep its Jet retail outlets fully supplied.
The systems already in place will assure that the hotels of Puerto Rico are fully supplied.
World Vision later presented a 62-page drug `wish list' from the poorest nations, which to date is still to be fully supplied.
An immediate concern was to keep Con Edison, a Castle customer, fully supplied with fuel.
Praxair has worked hard to keep customers fully supplied during this period of tightness, but price adjustments are now necessary to address those added costs, and to sustain Praxair's long-term investments to ensure reliability of supply to our customers.
Expressons of interest are asked for the procurement of a fully supplied, installed, configured and proven automated system which will hold and dispense pharmaceutical stock in the main Pharmacy Department.
This Great Spa rejuvenation hotel is located in Bulgaria-Eastern Europe and it is fully supplied with mineral water.