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We investigated field cases and performed an experimental reproduction of fulminating disease and identified its agent by using unbiased high-throughput sequencing.
Humors contrasted athletic and flailing movements as embodied by two different dancers while Takademe was a straightforward translation of Sheila Chandra's fulminating rhythms.
But what this fracas did prove is that the best place a candidate can be in 2000 is in opposition to the fulminating moralists.
Lady Londonderry is reported as fulminating at the idea of 'a Glasgow merchant leading the Party of English Gentlemen'.
Her days were numbered and she knew it, fulminating over "utterly malicious" leaks from Cabinet comrades intent on destroying her.
The fulminating magma also might have played a vital role in the beginning of life on the primeval Earth, as the most primitive organisms congregated around hydrothermal vents on ocean floors.
On The McLaughlin Group, the host began fulminating about the various apocalypses that will result from Hawaii's legalization of gay marriage.
Senator) Bilbo himself, a notorious race-baiter who gives her local fame by fulminating against one of her editorials in the black Birmingham Truth.
Smith-like rage against corruption; rather, he took up an entire day of the Senate's time in 1957 fulminating against a mild civil fights bill.
I SPENT the week fulminating against the failings of human nature.
Perhaps, rather than fulminating at home and firing off ill-informed letters to the Examiner, Uncle Grumpy should join us in fighting to preserve the architectural heritage of the town.
Lawyers will be fulminating at the loss of business, although we can doubtless expect some challenges over human rights, another hampering dollop of ill-conceived legislation.