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The book's target market is likely, however, to focus more on Crowley's opinions on day care (against) and parents' rights to administer corporal punishment (for)--and on his fulminations on the evils of "pseudo-work" (most of government, the East Coast inshore fishery and sociology professors).
It would appear that he has to go through Congress, which would mean endless fulminations, not only on the floor of the House and Senate but on the cable channels, stirring up all the extremists.
The commission observed: One would have ignored Musharrafs fulminations as being undeserving of a response but for the possibility of his plans to again assume leadership of the enemies of democracy and basic freedoms.
Altogether, one can glean a truer sense of what makes Naipaul extraordinary from his early works of autobiographical fiction than from French's tiresome chronicling of the writer's comings and goings, alliances and betrayals, dinner dates, snits, funks and fulminations.
Although Schenker avoids Jewish issues and we may find his fulminations offensive, Cook points out that even those who understood him best "felt under no obligation to condone his political views, and no more need we" (p.
It was this contrast between reality and fiction that inspired Plato's fulminations against poetry in The Republic and David Hume's characterization of poets as "liars by profession" who "endeavor to give an air of truth to their fictions" in his Treatise of Human Nature (87).
Massad's conspiratorial fulminations against the "Gay International" may obscure this broader point for some readers.
To read the fulminations of such people as John Pilger or Robert Fisk or Jacqueline Rose concerning Israel ordinarily requires the mental equivalent of hip boots; Harrison, however, approaches with a scalpel and dissects their ravings with surgical precision.
And while Ahmandinejad's comments are, to be sure, condemnable, it's hard to see what effect the council's fulminations could have on a lunatic dictator who couldn't care less what a bunch of L.
Which brings me back, by a somewhat circular route, to one of the problems that I encountered in reading Fulford's fulminations against Jes Battis: it reminded me rather strongly of an earlier Fulford piece, this one occasioned by the publication of Peter Dickinson's Here is Queer.
Despite the recent fulminations of those such as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, the true American spirit, although certainly religious, is one open to all varieties of beliefs, including nonbeliefs.