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What kept me glued to the page were the colorful descriptions ("the same puckish deity who designed scrotums graced me with fulsome curves"); the complicated character of Tess Camillo--San Diego lesbian computer jockey-cancer survivorlusty lady on the verge of menopause; the tone--a balance of comedy and whodunnit combining quips, pop culture and queries on the nature of love, evil, cancer and casual sex; and of course, murder.
After Hillary Clinton's exit from the primary race and fulsome endorsement of Obama, the Democrat embarked on a two-week tour deep into Republican territory to flag the economy as a defining theme for November's election.
The prosperous and fulsome fifties have been marked by a notable resurgence of religious interest.
Canadians have donated generously to the Poppy Fund, politicians have expressed fulsome praise and throughout Canada ceremonies have been held and prayers offered for our service personnel and veterans.
One of the most fulsome letters of praise came from Fouad Ajami, a Johns Hopkins professor and the intellectual darling of Iraq war supporters.
However, not all the papers were fulsome in their praise end the perils of being such a toll poppy were spelt out in The Independent, which run a story about how union leaders in the United States were trying to whip up an anti-Tesco campaign.
In his second book in this series, The Schools We Need: And Why We Don't Have Them (1996), he described in fulsome terms the insular "thought-world" of progressive education, based in the nation's schools of education, which had miseducated teachers and administrators for decades.
A local columnist gushed about how someone had posted "a fulsome testimonial from [celebrity] on his web site.
This sensibility continued into ``Sideways,'' which, though set in California's lush wine country, didn't look as fulsome or gorgeous as he intended.
And notwithstanding Machiavellian ploys by managers, consultants, gurus and celebrity lunatics to transform the workplace into a glorified clown academy where the staff is forced to perform unseemly dances, sing idiotic songs or engage in fulsome, politically correct rituals (conga lines indeed
Pagels's book Beyond Belief has had such fulsome praise, I've wondered if the reviewers read the book at all, or even the same book I did.
The concept differs from the forthcoming Mustang with items such as fulsome fender flares, giant side air scoops, aero effects, and an unfinished carbon fiber hood with appropriate bulge.