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To reduce human exposure to fumigants, California regulations require growers to maintain unfumigated buffer zones between fumigant applications and nearby buildings.
On the basis of form, the agricultural fumigants market is led by the liquid fumigants followed by the gaseous form.
This study along with some other earlier studies opens a way for grain-storage protectionists to use natural oils in the huge storage structures instead of the synthetic fumigants to overcome the problem of insect resistance.
Using fumigants to control interior decay of waterfront timbers.
Under requirements being imposed by EPA, growers who use fumigants will need to establish buffer areas around treated fields to protect neighbors from excessive exposure and develop detailed management plans that include either fumigant monitoring or notifying neighbors of fumigant applications.
Chemical control of stored product insects with fumigants and residual treatments.
To determine the fumigant toxicity of the Eucalyptus leucoxylon oil, filter papers (2 cm diameter) was impregnated with oil at a dose calculated (37 to 926 [micro]l/l air) to give the fumigant.
No methyl bromide or any other soil fumigant was used in the study, since they have become too costly for many small growers and nonchemical and nonchemical alternatives are being sought.
We're trying to help the EPA and USDA talk with sustainable agriculture people who are farming without fumigants," she says.
Table 1 gives mean duration of exposure of the mosquitoes to fumigants of different essential oils for 50% ([T.
Researchers also tested the system on an alternative fumigant called 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) using the Hytibar (Trade Mark) on raised beds.
During our waste disposal efforts," we worked with our fumigation subcommittee to establish our fumigation selection factors and select the fumigant best suited for our needs," Sgroi says.