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Measurements were made of fumigant concentration changes in the air under the tarp, emission flux during tarp covering and after tarp cutting, and residual fumigants in the soil at the end of the trial.
Using fumigants to control interior decay of waterfront timbers.
Under requirements being imposed by EPA, growers who use fumigants will need to establish buffer areas around treated fields to protect neighbors from excessive exposure and develop detailed management plans that include either fumigant monitoring or notifying neighbors of fumigant applications.
Table 1 gives mean duration of exposure of the mosquitoes to fumigants of different essential oils for 50% ([T.
Researchers also tested the system on an alternative fumigant called 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D) using the Hytibar (Trade Mark) on raised beds.
During our waste disposal efforts," we worked with our fumigation subcommittee to establish our fumigation selection factors and select the fumigant best suited for our needs," Sgroi says.
Mustards' isothiocyanates are similar in composition to the active ingredient in the common synthetic soil fumigant Vapam.
Topics related to the conference include magnitude/extent of the challenge, fumigants and volatile organic chemicals, nitrogen, pesticides, modeling tools for practical solutions, general remediation/resource management decision making and livestock waste treatment.
The aim was to look at potential pest control measures open to the food industry as the deadline for the proposed ban on the extensively used fumigant, methyl bromide, gets nearer.
Cytec s phosphine gas technology offers fast and effective solutions to protect food and other commodities with significant advantages over traditional fumigants.
Continued research to find non-chemical alternatives to fumigants is critical to the future sustainability of California strawberry farmers, who have received global recognition for phasing out methyl bromide to protect the earth's ozone layer.
Regulatory issues are a significant factor in limiting future uses of fumigants and nematicides.