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Since log age was implicated in the development of gray stain, it might be important to fumigate red beech logs in a fresher condition to further improve stain control by elimination of enzymes or precursors produced in parenchyma cells.
The primary use for this chemical is to fumigate soil to destroy soilborne pests.
Shippers to California need to fumigate and/or obtain certificates before shipping straw and hay, as well as for small grains and ear corn.
Police officials who are investigating the case said that the Indian pest control company owner said to police that they informed the neighbours that they intended to fumigate the apartment in question.
Lemon grower Daniel Cambell was ordered not to fumigate an orchard near Mound Elementary School in east Ventura, pending a June 8 hearing on a motion putting severe restrictions on the spraying.
CLEAN and fumigate the greenhouse to prevent any lurking pests and diseases from hibernating.
warehouses fumigate three or four times a year to control moths and other stored product insect pests.
Byline: A 23-year-old-man died on Friday after inhaling pesticides used to fumigate his apartment.
Bosses called in environmental heath experts in to fumigate the area, which is expected to reopen today.
Special equipment used to fumigate containers by Merseyside company Eleberts Pestforce
Backed by Assemblyman Tony Strickland, R-Camarillo, and a panel of specialists, Weis touted what he called a safer way to fumigate school buildings that takes a page from the teachings of Louis Pasteur.
Libraries can fumigate, leave poison bait, spray insecticide or irradiate the books, but all of these options can be expensive and time consuming.