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He said that as a routine matter, the dumping site at Hazar Khwani is fumigated on daily basis.
Ishaq said the teams have fumigated areas including Satellite Town, Amarpura, Kartarpura, Ferozpura, Dhoke Khilo, New Malpur, Chishtian Abad and B-block.
Despite claims that sulfuryl fluoride produces a "tiny" increase in fluoride exposure, the maximum permissible levels in some fumigated foods are high enough to produce acute toxic reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, and headache .
In general, the weeds showed better development in the fumigated soil (Table 1), contrasting with other reports that have indicated that the presence of soil microbes promotes plant growth (TORSVIK; OVREAS, 2002).
The team's field trials using MaxQ as a preplant cover crop have so far found that peach trees planted after the cover crop are larger than those planted in soil that is not fumigated.
Word has spread that their equipment is fumigated regularly and that gives clients without bed bugs peace of mind.
QMy dad always fumigated his greenhouse at this time of year.
I do hope everyone's hands were thoroughly fumigated first.
The liner will return next Tuesday, two days early, to be thoroughly cleaned and fumigated after bosses changed the liner's itinerary.
Under these conditions, all insects including eggs and larvae suffocate and dry out leaving a completely fumigated food supply within 4 to 10 days," added Malhotra.
Viewers also saw fumigated walls and a section of blood-stained carpet from the floor.
Cleaners wearing protective white suits fumigated the 1,250-capacity vessel when it docked at the Port of Tyne in North Shields, North Tyneside, on May 16.