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He said field teams were fumigating houses and streets in Makkah in order to prevent an outbreak.
As for your foundation plants and hedges - those next to the outside walls of the town house complex - make sure that the outside of the fumigating tent does not cover them.
And right now my needs are all about removing Bush and fumigating the White House.
Fumigating the facility proved to be easier said than done.
This design also enables superior ventilation for cooling, heating, drying, ripening, and fumigating.
During synod, authorities were fumigating Havana and issuing public health warnings on television, that showed how to dispose of the eggs of disease-carrying mosquitoes.
The Fair Trade Commission (FTC) said Thursday it has advised two fumigating companies at the New Tokyo International Airport in Narita, east of Tokyo, to terminate a price cartel as it violates the Antimonopoly Law.
termites is by fumigating or heating the entire structure.