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The event isn't timed so what's motivating Big Fun runners is the chance to get together with family or friends and do something healthy in the great outdoors.
Wheel Fun Rentals will also provide a selection of watercraft at World's Fair Marina Pier 1, including single and double kayaks and stand up paddle boards where users can explore Flushing Creek, Flushing Bay, and beyond.
The judges wanted to find young people who know how to have fun who can oversee the fun at its newest attraction, The Dome.
Marti MacGibbon who posted an article on the endoscopy nurse website entitled, The Importance of Having Fun at Work says fun is an attitude, a state of being; it is playfulness, enjoyment or amusement.
3 : words or actions to make someone or something an object of ridicule <He made fun of my singing.
Anne Sendall, former chairman of the fun run, said: "I'm delighted we have been able to achieve our objective of creating a permanent commemoration to celebrate 21 hugely successful years of the Royal Sutton Fun Run.
Big Fun has also offered swimming classes at the Therapeutic Living Centers for the Blind at 7915 Lindley Ave.
I believe many children and adults begin music study because they think they are going to have fun.
Thanks to support from Nike, 1984 Olympic Marathon Champion Joan Benoit Samuelson flew down from snowy Maine to lead the Fun Run with Governor Huckabee.
Fun fact: Is a baseball fanatic who attended a Philadelphia Phillies fantasy baseball camp in 1994.
Fun On Foot: In America's Cities by Warwick and Nola Ford is the ultimate guide to the "unseen" America via foot travel.