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Classification of patients and how to treat functional disorders of the digestive system:
Paired t-tests were conducted to compare differences in the CSA of the MF, weight bearing, pain, and functional disorders in the experimental group and the control group before and after the stabilization exercises.
People with functional disorders reported disturbed sleeping quality--more difficulty falling asleep, not being refreshed by sleep, and more pain during the night," Dr.
Early symptoms of SLE are usually vague, nonspecific, and easily confused with other pathological and functional disorders.
Emotional, behavioral, or personality changes may be erroneously attributed to functional disorders and to the impact of living with an incurable, stigmatizing, and ultimately fatal infection rather than to central nervous system damage.
a charity dedicated to support innovative research, treatment and education of mitochondrial disease and functional disorders.
Both Rhythm and Actavis are looking forward to the results from this important trial, and to the positive impact this drug may have on the lives of people with GI functional disorders.
In a volume based on a 2009 conference, Hallett (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Bethesda, MD) introduces 43 chapters by international experts who treat such functional disorders as "a software, not a hardware problem"--real but not structural, that should be diagnosed by a neurologist but treated in conjunction with a psychiatrist.
To examine the relationship between different physically traumatic events and the onset of chronic widespread pain, the researchers followed 2069 participants from the Epidemiology of Functional Disorders (EPIFUND) study.
Coverage includes the field's fundamentals, organic and functional disorders, psychiatry at major life stages, pharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatments, and ethical/legal aspects.
Also, doctors viewed patients with organic disorders more favorably than those with functional disorders (Am.

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