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In addition, the focus areas identified by the functional assessment will inform interventions that facilitate functional vision (Figure 2).
Thus a patient who was previously completely blind or with a very low vision would benefit from functional vision restoration and conscious visual perception (even if the functionality is quite limited) and can still use his visual cortex even if the retina is non-functional.
Jonathan said: "What we are aiming to do is improve the patient's functional vision, which is needed to perform tasks of independent living.
This helps my kids work on basic orientation and mobility skills, as well as using their functional vision to maximum capacity.
The clear aesthetic and functional vision for the $22 million, 80,000-square-foot facility was well established long before ground was broken, however.
Even though the visual system of juvenile crabs is not fully developed, we show here that they have functional vision.
The eyewear will protect air crews from various laser devices to prevent temporary or permanent loss of physical or functional vision.
Finished in brushed stainless steel with a choice of glass and fixings, they provide an attractive solution to functional vision requirements.
She had a stroke in September and lost most of her functional vision.
A community-based probability sample of 363 homeless individuals was interviewed and examined for four study conditions (high blood pressure, functional vision impairment, skin/leg/foot problems, and tuberculosis skin test positivity).
Functional vision loss can happen either because of the biological action of the eye to direct light or because of indirect glare caused by reflections from other objects.

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