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Outside of the United States, HBsAg monitoring is utilized widely for patients who are being treated for HBV and for those who have been functionally cured but are receiving ongoing monitoring for comorbidities.
Najafizadeh and Isvandzibaei, 2007) studied the vibrations of thin-walled cylindrical shells with ring supports composed of functionally graded material comprised of stainless steel and nickel.
The material is ideal for manufacturers and engineers looking to functionally simulate products made of ABS-grade engineering plastics, including snap-fit parts, durable and movable parts and products requiring drop-testing.
This volume collects 82 papers from the 10th International Symposium on Multiscale, Multifunctional and Functionally Graded Materials, held in September 2008 in Sendai, Japan.
It found significant the fact that each cell in the cell lining was not functionally interdependent, because the smelting process could continue with missing cells.
It is functionally connected to the subject matter of the article, it clearly has commercial value, and it is foreseeable that I will receive some fraction of whatever income the Salk Institute receives in the course of licensing it to interested parties.
Investigations are underway to evaluate the use of functionally gradient materials (FGMs) in diecasting dies, which could extend the performance life of each die.
Originally built as an intermediate care facility, Peace River Haven is not functionally suitable for meeting the complex needs of today's residential care clients.
This software extends the functionally of the Microsoft Remote Installation Services (RIS), by allowing users to add custom items to the installation menu that appears on the Client Installation Wizard.
The court held that city police officers' roles in setting the arrestee's bail were functionally comparable to that of a judge, and that the officers were entitled to absolute immunity from liability, even if they did not consider individualized circumstances.
Perplexing as well is why Martin, while clearly connecting the architecture to the ideas and social developments he discusses, goes further to imply that the designs of Saarinen and SOM were functionally essential to the 'military-industrial' project.
The tiger salamander's rods and cones are structurally and functionally different yet the photoreceptor protein in the green rod and the blue cone are identical.