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0338 hectares with accompanying works functionally associated with the proposed reservoir, ie.
This research studied the microstructure, physical and thermal properties during sintering and mechanical properties of the functionally graded pieces.
An additional 14 percent of NBI structures are functionally obsolete, indicating they no longer meet current highway design standards, often due to narrow lanes, inadequate clearances or poor alignment with approaching roadway.
However, they said it was "unclear" why only some patients were functionally cured.
Our technology represents the most effective way of functionally testing complex design ideas.
Each side panel includes a waist region, a hip region and a leg region wherein the waist region, the hip region and the leg region differs structurally, functionally and visually to provide an improved initial fit and sustained fit while exhibiting a garment-like appearance.
Int'l Symposium on Multiscale Multifunctional and Functionally Graded Materials (10th: 2008: Sendai, Japan) Ed.
When they learn that 40% of the nation's functionally disabled people who need long-term care are between the ages of 18 and 64, they realize they need to purchase coverage for themselves and are motivated to buy it.
A steep claim indeed, yet the author is prepared to back it up with an in-depth examination of how the technology is used, its benefits especially to sight-impaired or functionally illiterate individuals, current trends in computing, and much more.
Over time, functionally oriented industries become more functionally oriented and emotionally oriented industries become more emotionally oriented.
Citing industry standards, it claimed that the engine, APU and airframe were functionally interdependent; thus, the "unit of property" was the entire aircraft.