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Psychological and social influences on functioning were similar for civil servants who entered the study either with or without physical illnesses.
The new findings underscore the idea that healthy functioning encompasses more than simply the absence of disease and disease-promoting behaviors.
Some preliminary research suggests that cognitive deficits in schizophrenia interfere with vocational functioning (Collaborative Working Group on Clinical Trial Evaluations, 1998; Green, 1996; Jaeger & Douglas, 1992; Lysaker, Bell, & Beam-Goulet, 1995; Meltzer & McGurk, 1999).
Unfortunately, anticholinergic medications have their own side effects, such as impairment in cognitive functioning, sedation, blurred vision, and dry mouth (Spohn & Strauss, 1989).
In a second study presented at the meeting, AVINZA improved physical functioning, one aspect of quality of life, in patients with chronic, moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis pain who completed up to 30 weeks of treatment.
Sanford Roth and colleagues evaluated physical functioning in nearly 300 patients who took AVINZA for up to 30 weeks.
Additionally, performance on the PMT has been shown to be significantly correlated with intellectual functioning on the Wechsler scale and PPVT
In order to get a better picture of functional strengths and weaknesses of Mexican Americans being evaluated, it has been suggested that both measures of intellectual functioning and adaptive functioning be conducted (Mercer, 1976).
amp;uot;We have been encouraged by the positive responses to our initiative from researchers and other experts in the field of female sexual functioning,&uot; said Dr.
This richer perspective is important when considering how family leisure influences family functioning, particularly when using a family systems framework to understand family functioning.
The committee that published the criteria held that any organ that no longer functions, nor has the possibility of functioning again, is, for all practical purposes, dead.
Specifically regarding individuals with CFS, interruption in their functioning varies.