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Whether CA itself analogically developed the energic from scratch, as it were, or whether it functionalized a previously functionless V + -n structure is not crucial to the immediate analysis.
1 Environmental Law: Air and Water 176 (1986) (noting that, though perpetuated in statutes at large, air quality control regions are "largely functionless shells carried over from the Air Quality Act of 1967" that offer little productive service).
Cinema solicits and satisfies a passion for perceiving, predicated on the object's absence, thus displaced from the world of means and ends, a functionless looking that serves no instrumental purpose, that emanates from a body that cannot be quantified in terms of its purely physical or physiological dimensions, and that is "driven"--but not determined.
The field commercial control is one of the most important divisions which cannot be left functionless since it takes care of the interest of traders by controlling unacceptable practices such as monopoly, tampering with prices and trade fraud to earn huge profits at the expense of the consumer, especially during festivities and events," said Ahmed Al Awadhi, Head of the Field Control Section, DED.
Super powers and satellites are all hopeless and functionless.
2,5] We present a rare case of IP detected in the collecting system of a functionless renal unit.
We enter through a dark oak door into a huge hall with a fireplace in the shape of a castle, a battery of hall chairs, large paintings of landscapes with cows, and in the middle a massive if functionless oak table, beyond which we find the great square stairwell with its grand central stairs decorated with gryphons and wyverns.
Thus, the Khartoum Government used all recourses in its disposal -- that is, human and economic -- to sabotage the protocol, rendering it functionless at the end of the day.
Let us not forget that the landmark law against sexual harassment at workplace, enacted by the Congress-led UPA government after much public clamor, was functionless for long because of administrative negligence.
Martin Harrison describes them as 'the ultimate existential sculptures, functionless technomorphs devised by Paolozzi for a cold-war society'.
A null hypothesis (that scalariform perforation plates have no function, but are a feature that has persisted from ancestral species) does not seem likely, because structural evolution is too efficient for mass persistence of a functionless character state.
Charles De Konnick writes, "If an organism has no purpose, it is no organism at all: it is not a body equipped with tools making possible the fulfillment of needs, but simply a mass in which appear a number of functionless appendages.