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8220;We have been asking our students to paint these one-of-a-kind flower pots every year for our Garden Party and they are consistently some of the most beautiful and highly coveted Mother's Day items featured in our auction,” said Jeanine Phillips, executive director of Fundamental Learning Center.
The Fundamental Physics Prize Foundation announces the opening of online nominations for the next Fundamental Physics Prize and New Horizons in Physics Prize .
Any further progress toward understanding the most fundamental constituents of the universe will require physicists to abandon the now ossified ideology" of string theory, writes Woit.
However, the main reason for their convergence towards the developed economies is that there are a number of developed countries whose economic fundamentals are deteriorating at an even more rapid pace than those in the emerging markets are improving.
Keywords: fundamental neutron physics; neutron source; spallation neutron source.
The other exempted category of fundamental research is "basic and applied research in science and engineering, where the resulting information is ordinarily published and shared broadly within the scientific community.
Figure 1 is a diagrammatic knowledge profile of the fundamental sign.
Convertible debt is also more widely used than it is with fundamental deals, leading CFOs to fret about paying off PIPE investors before equity holders during insolvency.
During a May 22, 2003, credit management panel discussion hosted by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve and attended by representatives of financial services organizations and community and consumer groups, consensus was reached on the following five fundamental practices:
The fundamental and its overtones are set into vibration very quickly, and it would take someone with a very keen aural sense to hear all of these tones separately.
During the past century, educators reacted to at least four fundamental shifts in the priorities for their schools: assimilation, adjustment, access, and achievement.

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