fundamental doctrine

See: principle
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And what is the fundamental doctrine which has given rise to so much bitterness and aversion?
During the course of these troubles, the emperors of Blefusca did frequently expostulate by their ambassadors, accusing us of making a schism in religion, by offending against a fundamental doctrine of our great prophet Lustrog, in the fifty-fourth chapter of the Blundecral (which is their Alcoran).
One by one he was led to attack also other fundamental doctrines and institutions of the Church--transubstantiation, the temporal possessions of the Church, the Papacy, and at last, for their corruption, the four orders of friars.
So the sentence now read 'o nous estin augos', and is, you perceive, the fundamental doctrines in his metaphysics.
It is a fundamental doctrine that all laws passed by the legislature must not offend the provisions of the Constitution, which happens to be the ultimate law of the land.
Sadly, it seems to have compromised the fundamental doctrine of 'right man for the right job'.
Our first step was to assess our fundamental doctrine and to relook our older doctrine covering low-intensity conflict.
This is a fundamental doctrine encompassing the oneness of God in every sense of the expression.
Under the Manual for PNP Fundamental Doctrine, the Chain of Command runs upward and downward.
For the fundamentalist, many of their beliefs and behaviours that arise from them will, at least in theory, be derivative of their fundamental doctrine.
The defence of Pakistan has to be arranged through jihad, the fundamental doctrine of the DPC's main component, the much older and by far the biggest organisation, Lashkar e Tayyaba (LeT).
The fundamental doctrine of Christianity is that imperfect man can be saved only by the grace of Jesus Christ.

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