fundamental feature

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I had raised the rope-ladder after us into my own old room, and while Raffles wedged his door I lowered the ladder from one of the best bedroom windows, in order to prepare that way of escape which was a fundamental feature of his own strategy.
However, the findings explain a fundamental feature of the planet's climate, and show that icy waters affect seasonal rains that are crucial for growing crops in places like Africa's Sahel region and southern India.
Interest rates are a fundamental feature of any mortgage, and knowing these is an important part of the monthly budgeting exercise.
In its decision regarding the Reference by the Governor in Council concerning the legislative authority of the Parliament of Canada in relation to the Upper House, (2) the Supreme Court found that "to make the Senate a wholly or partially elected body [my emphasis] would affect a fundamental feature of that body" and that the constitutional powers of Parliament do not allow it to unilaterally change a fundamental feature of the Senate.
State-funded healthcare is such a fundamental feature of the United Kingdom, and so very few people have seen the need to take out private medical insurance.
They contend that a lot of discourse about corporate social responsibility perpetuates the myth that businesses can pursue profit-seeking objectives while also being socially responsible and show how this is a fundamental feature of neo-liberal ideology, as well as how corporate social responsibility research and corporate discourse on ethics ignores some destructive processes of the global capitalist system.
The argument for male cameraderie as a fundamental feature of story and narrative is a straightforward one, but runs counter to the main currents of scholarly focus on Achilles Tatius' novel.
Tax-exempt municipal bonds, a fundamental feature of the United States tax code since 1913, provide a low-risk, cost-effective financing tool for the construction of infrastructure projects--the lynchpin of the U.
James Sproule, chief economist at the Institute of Directors, said: "Bonuses are a fundamental feature of a flexible labour market and make up a key component of the remuneration mix.
Access to health information was a fundamental feature of primary health care which was where the greatest improvement in people's health status would be made.
2 is now equipped with advanced echo cancellation, which is a fundamental feature of professional web conferencing system, and a precondition for a better user experience.
It says it is defending the land west of the village which has been named an Area of Tranquillity by the Campaign to Protect Rural England Joy Redfern, of Priors Hardwick HS2 Action Group, said: "The group is fighting to retain the peace and quiet which is a fundamental feature of the character of the land.

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