fundamental part

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Peace was at length negotiated, and dictated by foreign powers; and the articles of it, to which foreign powers are parties, made a fundamental part of the Germanic constitution.
He said that finality of the Prophethood (Peace Be Upon Him) is the fundamental part of our faith and our religious belief is incomplete without it.
Google Cracked A Fundamental Part Of Web Encryption
Mustang has been a fundamental part of global automotive culture for almost half a century and is one of the world's most recognisable vehicles.
However Massa, who finished as runner-up to Lewis Hamilton in this year's drivers' championship, said: "In a competitive sport like this, the driver plays a fundamental part, and the cost of drivers is small compared to the total budget of the teams.
Getting a "good deal" is a fundamental part of a free market economy and the badge of being an astute businessperson.
Reminiscent of the great American masters, Tailwind should and will be included as a fundamental part of America's heritage.
It is a fundamental part of endocrinology, and it is beautifully demonstrated [in these papers], that stimulation at [the cerebellar] cell surface receptor is able to cause effects at doses below a part per trillion," says Frederick vom Saal, a professor of biology at the University of Missouri-Columbia.
For many Christian chaplains, praying in the name of Jesus is a fundamental part of their beliefs," Sekulow wrote.
The Giants lost a very fundamental part of their case when they tried to get injunctive relief a few weeks ago and I think that speaks quite a bit to how the court views their argument," Hersh said.
This book on Lean operations focuses on the most basic and fundamental part of Lean, called quick and easy Kaizen, whereby each employee contributes and implements on the average one, and sometimes two, improvement ideas per month.

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