fundamental principle

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In conclusion, when the Bush administration develops arguments to launch aggressive wars all over the world, it can't do so according to the basic principles of international law, nor can it do so according to fundamental principles of morality and justice.
The Big Three's proposal contradicts a fundamental principle of health care cost containment.
The bishops want the wording of the constitution amended to reflect the fundamental principle that every human life is of value in itself.
In his Apologia pro Vita Sua, Cardinal Newman contrasted the strength of dogma with the weakness of sentiment: "From the age of fifteen, dogma has been the fundamental principle of my religion.
Our involvement in Paula Jones' case stems from the fundamental principle that no person - not even the president of the United States - is above the law,'' the institute said in a statement.
A fundamental principle of the democratic system is no taxation without representation, but try to get the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to clean up its act.
Freedom to conduct commerce across state boundaries without undue restrictions was a fundamental principle of the framers of the Constitution," noted Kenneth W.
The AP seems to have violated the most fundamental principle of good journalism - be accurate and get a source for your story before you publish it.
What our experiment demonstrates is a fundamental principle of how the brain pays attention," said the paper's senior author, Eric Knudsen, PhD, the Edward C.
Nor does the lesson discuss the difference between a fundamental principle and a personal desire or between legal protest, civil disobedience, and purely criminal activity, much less the threats that each poses to a democratic society.
Math Challenge" is a definitive and effective presentation of every fundamental principle of an early and basic mathematical education in a fun and engaging format for children in grades 4-6, and is very strongly recommended to teachers, parents and librarians for their education and reference DVD collections.
Hilal Al-Sayer asserted on Saturday the need to adhere to the seven fundamental principles of the movement of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent socieities "because they are a key factor for those working in the field.

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