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Accepted through faith and reason by most, the family is not only the fundamental unit of society, but, through marriage, an institution created and ordained by God.
But to move from that sociological truism to the proposition that the family is the fundamental unit of political liberty," says Galston, "goes against the grain of two centuries of American political thought, as first articulated in the Declaration of Independence.
The building block of energy fields is the fundamental unit of both the human field and the environmental field, and in their integrainess are infinite in a universe of energy.
Now, somewhat inevitably, Anderson is taking on the fundamental unit of belonging in his third and most ambitious project to date, ``The Royal Tenenbaums'' (opening Friday).
recognizing that the fundamental unit of value is the customer relationship and developing capabilities to create and capture that value;
The fundamental unit of Internet routing is not the router but the Autonomous System (AS), a group of routers controlled by the same routing authority--this may be a backbone, an ISP, or a business.
However, he called for the Government to ensure schools emphasised the primacy of the family as the fundamental unit of society.
In this system, the word was the key, fundamental unit.
Convocation participants drafted a "Declaration of Commitment," which emphasized the vanguard role Hispanics have played in fighting for the family as a fundamental unit of society and the church.
The school is the most fundamental unit for managing changes in education; and that is why we organize 20/20 analysis around the individual school.
Gene - The fundamental unit of heredity; a segment of DNA that carries the genetic information to make a protein.
The cell is the fundamental unit of life, and through greater understanding of it, researchers can make breakthroughs in large and important fields, such as cancer diagnosis and therapy, stem cell biology, vaccine development, and even the mounting battle against drug-resistant bacteria.

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