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An accommodation is not reasonable if it fundamentally alters the nature of the program.
Third, we must recognize and accept the challenge that each camp must decide specifically what it fundamentally believes about youth or human development.
Boyle said, "are a liability and challenges by a tax authority to an enterprise's uncertain tax positions are fundamentally about whether an asset (i.
To the group of insurance executives and industry lobbyists gathered before a Senate panel in mid-November, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer presented a clear and potentially chilling message: He thinks the insurance industry is fundamentally corrupt, and he's urging the federal government to turn the industry upside down.
What makes this unusual is that the product in question is fundamentally a U.
But Mr Kinnock, now the vice-president of the European Commission, said: 'I am fundamentally and irretrievably against it.
people are fundamentally alike and want the same things.
That requires a party that is fundamentally pro-environment.
Fundamentally, the family is the source of vocations, but the soil must be fertile for the seed to sprout.
BHB chief executive Greg Nichols hit back: "We're disappointed that the OFT has fundamentally misunderstood how and why British Racing operates as it does.

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