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He is an articulate spokesman for governor Romney s vision but it is a vision that I fundamentally disagree with.
But the National Trust said the tone of the plans was fundamentally wrong.
US Dollar Forecast Bearish on Clear Downward Momentum Euro Fundamentally Weak but Still the Dollar's Counterpart Japanese Yen Attuned to Risk Aversion, But What about USDJPY?
Professor Robin Alexander, director of the Cambridge Primary Review, said: "Our argument is that their (children's) education, and to some degree their lives, are impoverished if they have received an education that is so fundamentally deficient.
It seems some days as though the poppy, fundamentally upbeat singer-songwriter is kind of a rarity on the local scene: lots of alt-country and contemporary-folk stuff, sure, but not a whole lot playing to the John Mayer end of the spectrum.
While there are of course debates on difficult issues, our party is fundamentally united - we are not ideologically divided.
Casey Martin case, the Supreme Court established three tests to determine ADA compliance: (1) whether the requested modification is reasonable; (2) whether it is necessary for the individual, and (3) whether it would fundamentally alter the nature of the competition.
If excellence is a habit (which it is), then students must consistently play in ways that are fundamentally excellent nearly all the time--good position, relaxed, even, beautiful tone, in-tune, rhythmic spiff and expressive inflection.
We're not the same force, only smaller, and we're a fundamentally different force now.
The hectoring tendency in both men is rooted in fundamentally different impulses.
That view of extreme and unchecked executive power is fundamentally inconsistent with American democracy.

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