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Segundo Siqueira e Moreira (2001), o maior acumulo de K pode ser explicado pelo efeito direto do fungo na melhoria da capacidade de absorcao ou pelo efeito indireto, tambem considerado como secundario, pela melhor nutricao fosfatada das plantas micorrizadas.
Dentre os varios fungos nematofagos, os ovicidas ou oportunistas estao entre os mais promissores, tanto pela capacidade saprofitica quanto pelo facil crescimento in vitro.
O desenvolvimento excessivo de um fungo comensal leveduriforme, Pityrosporum (Malassezia) ovale, esta relacionado com a ocorrencia de caspa, uma das alteracoes mais comuns que acometem o couro cabeludo.
EMMEN, The Netherlands, January 31 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dutch event-agency La Fungo has launched a worldwide campaign on the Internet in order to teach 10 million people Esperanto.
2nd baseman and 1st baseman play up and they take normal fungo throwing to home for an out.
Get the nastiest fungo hitter in the league and let's have infield competition: let Derek Jeter, Jose Reyes, Omar Vizquel show us how to be acrobats at shortstop.
In other words, the NASA-esque OSU hats that the Beaver baseball players wore last spring en route to the NCAA World Series championship are as yesterday as Ralph Coleman's fungo bat.
For example, Uncle Ugo and Auntie Pesto characters can be found on the pots of Sun-dried Tomato and Pesto, while Barone and Baronessa Fungo have pride of place on the pots of Broccoli and Mushroom in a White Wine Sauce.
The little seaside townOs symbol is an extraordinarily rock formation, called Il Fungo I The Mushroom.
He heard feet pounding on the stairs, felt something cold on the rug down there in the dark beside the bed, and said 'Oh God, don't let him die,' and suddenly the room was filled with his sister, his mother, the maid, and then Uncle Fungo.
The next day, sporting a Texas Rangers T-shirt, I was swinging my fan rake like a fungo bat, liming before dethatching the lawn.